Pandit S. N. Shukla University

Statutory Bodies

The Academic Council

(1) The Academic Council shall be the highest academic body of the University.

(2) The terms of its members, other than ex officio members, shall be three years.

(3) The Academic Council shall be responsible for the maintenance of standards of instructions, education and examination, and shall exercise such other powers and perform such other functions as prescribed in the Ordinance.

The Academic Council of the University


Prof. Ram Shankar



Prof Ashish Tiwari



Prof. Santosh Kumar Mishra

Dean- Member


Prof. Akhilesh Pandey

Vice Chancellor Ujjan- External Member


Prof. Karunesh Jha

Dean student Welfare - Member


Shri Kailash Tiwari

Advocate, Shahdol, External Member


Shri Yogesh Lal


Powers & Functions

(1) To make and amend Ordinance for admission, standards of instructions, examination, evaluation, fellowships, fees, concessions, attendance, discipline, educational advancement and academic excellence etc. so as to fulfil objectives of the University.

(2) To advise, plan, steer, supervise, monitor and manage all academic affairs of University - education, research, extension and training, distance education, international collaboration and exchange programmes etc.

(3) To recognize degrees and diplomas of other Universities and Institutions and to determine their equivalence in relation to the degree and diplomas of the University.

(4) To make regulations for students to maintain discipline and decorum in campus premises including schools and departments, examination, library, hostels, sports, cultural activities, penalty and punishment, conduct, probation, punctuality etc.

(5) to approve academic programmes and calendar, courses of education and lay down broad academic policies of the University including curriculum development, framing and revising syllabi through Board of Studies from time to time.

(6) to perform, in relation to academic matters, all such duties and to do all such acts as may be necessary for the• proper carrying out of the provisions of this Act, Statutes, Ordinances, and Regulations made thereunder.

(7) to report on any matter referred to it by the Governing Body or the Executive Council.

(8) to exercise such other powers and to perform such other duties • as may be conferred or imposed on it by or under this Act.