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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Bachelor of Arts or BA is an undergraduate program. Full form of BA is Bachlor of Arts and it comes under the discipline of humanities/arts. BA course duration is 3 years. One having 10+2 degree in any stream can take up this course. Many different specialisations available under BA subjects makes the course unique and diverse than other main courses.

Pandit S.N. Shukla Univeristy offers the choicest courses with a view to blending traditional curriculum with state of the art teaching / learning methodology. These courses are concentrated enquiries into the subject and at the same time lead on to a wide range of possible careers.

Subjects Options (Group)

S.N. Course Name Subjects Group Eligibility Duration
01 B.A. Economics-Geography-Sociology 10+2 3 Years
02 B.A. Economics-History-Sociology 10+2 3 Years
03 B.A. Geography-History-Sociology 10+2 3 Years
04 B.A. Geography-Political Science-Sociology 10+2 3 Years
05 B.A. History-Political Science-Sociology 10+2 3 Years
06 B.A. Political Science-Economics-Sociology 10+2 3 Years
07 B.A. Economics-Geography-History 10+2 3 Years
08 B.A. Economics-Geography-Political Science 10+2 3 Years
09 B.A. Economics-History-Hindi 10+2 3 Years
10 B.A. Economics-Geography-Political Science 10+2 3 Years
11 B.A. Psychology-Sociology-Political Science 10+2 3 Years
12 B.A. Music(Gayan/Tabla)-Economics-Political Science 10+2 3 Years
13 B.A. Music(Gayan/Tabla)-Sociology-Political Science 10+2 3 Years
  • This program requires the students to opt for three subjects (One Group)
  • Not more than one group can be opted from the above category

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Prof. Taramani Shrivastava


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What is BA Course?

Bachelor of Arts, abbreviated as BA, is an undergraduate degree program with many specialisations under it. Bachelor of Arts Degree awarded for students usually in a branch of the Liberal Arts. The Bachelor of Arts degree is one of the oldest and most popular degrees in the world.

BA degree is a mix of many subjects that allows candidates to adapt to the changing demands of the employer and meet their needs. BA course enhances the candidates communication, research, and analytical skills. Ability to analyse tasks, set priorities and communicate goals to others are some other skills which can be honed for pursuing the course.

BA Course Eligibility?

Candidates who want to pursue a BA course need to have interest in the subjects that they choose to pursue in the course. Students who have successfully passed their higher secondary examinations (10+2) from a recognised education board with science, arts or commerce stream can opt for BA course.

BA degree course applications are available either online from the University website or offline by visiting the Admissions Office of the university. The subjects taught in a BA course varies on the basis of the discipline selected by the student. Candidates can view the subjects that they would need to study as part of their BA course.

Why Choose BA?

BA course is generally considered the most comfortable stream according to the broader populace and generally looked down upon as compared to Science and Engineering streams.

This is primarily because students with engineering and science background are limited to work in their specific fields, whereas students pursuing a BA course are not limited to their specific areas resulting in a vast job. With many numbers of specialisations, BA course is all-round course. Concerning the previous academic background and the personal choice and the ability of the student towards a particular program, there exists an appropriate plan for almost every candidate opting for the BA course.

BA Career and Jobs?

Teaching jobs are the primary areas of employment for graduates of the BA course. The scope of work for a graduate of BA course is comprehensive and variant over a large number of working areas and sectors. The Bachelor of Arts job scope is generally available in almost all the common areas such as teaching, public relations, management, acting, mass media, writing and many more.

Jobs and salaries of BA course graduates may vary depending on the specialisation chosen by them as well as the education body in which they have pursued their BA degree course. After a BA course, an aspirant can also choose to pursue a Master of Arts as higher education.