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School Of Social Science

The department of Political Science is running since 1959 just after the 3 years of theestablishment of this institute in 1956. 1973 was the year to start post graduation classes inthedepartment. On June 1 st 2017 this institute is upgraded in to university and nowthe department has become the part of Pandit S.N. Shukla University. Department provides the facilityofresearch center in the subject. More than 6 scholars have been awarded Ph.D. at the centerincluding two of present faculties of department; Dr. Geeta Saraf and Dr. Chetna Singh. Department facilitates the graduation program, post graduation programand PGDiplomainPublic Administration.


The mission of the department is to prepare competent students, who understandandapply the concepts theories and methodologies from other disciplines. Department has strongspirit to involve the students to political process out of the classrooms. Department has a missionto familiarize students with the latest development in discipline and enable themtoacquireknowledge and understanding of government institutions and process.


The department of political science aims at developing indepth knowledge in students. It has a vision to creat understanding of theoretical aspects of political science and evolve theskill to analysis the political phenomena all around. The department is concerned to evolvethecommitment to equity, inclusiveness and diversity.

Trust Areas

Thrust areas of Political Science are Tribal studies, Election studies, Womenempowerment, Human rights, Public Administration, International law, International politics, Indian Constitution, Political system of India, Foreign polices of major powers politics of SouthAsian countries and political theory and thinkers since ancient to modern and post moderntradition.




Department provides research facilities to the students as per UGC guideline. PresentlyDr. Chetana Singh and Dr. Poornima Sharma are registered as research guides in department. Currently seven research scholars are persuading research in the department. Department hasarich library and research room equipped with internet facility. Department provides theinternship opportunities to the students in the various government departments.




Political science provides ample opportunities for carrier shaping. Therefor political science is the most sought among social sciences. Civil services are the best choiced optionforthe students of politicl science upsc and state psc are the most favoured targets. Studentsbystudying political theories, policies and process of governance are naturally attracted. Policyanalyst is another bright carrier option. Legislative assistants are often hired byelectedrepresentatives to assist them in policy matters, pending legislations, research data onpublicrequirements and issues. Social media managers is a popular carrier option for political sciencestudents political candidate officials and political parties interest groups. In this area political science students can leverage their knowledge. Journalism marketing research analyst aresomeother important options. Teaching in schools education and in higher education institutions.

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